Mindset Change

Over the past several years, we’ve seen growing support for mindset change as a means to retain and engage employees. Mindset change focuses on the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of individuals, allowing employees to reach their full potential.

Organisations have recognised that investing in skillsets is not enough. Rather, consistent peak performance requires investment in the ‘inner game’ – to develop an understanding of how and when individuals and teams perform at their best.

The Human Resource Practice’s mindset coaches are experts in the ‘inner game’, with unique mindset programmes acting as catalysts that create an emotional connection between the workforce and the key objectives of the team or organisation.

Our inspirational and measurable mindset and behavioural change programmes have a lasting impact on the attitudes and behaviours that drive performance and results.

Keynote addresses

A keynote is a 45-minute motivational session that focuses on one main point. We use keynotes to:

  • Break up a conference day
  • Add experience from outside your business/ industry
  • Set tempo and mood; energise and motivate

Our keynote sessions focus on the mindsets of individuals and teams. Our coaches work with both small and large audiences, providing motivation to change and equipping delegates with better control over their performance – both on the event day and long into the future.


Successful organisations need teams with a spirit of cooperation and kinship. Good teamwork is essential for productivity and innovation in a demanding work environment. 

The Human Resource Practice uses a values-based teambuilding process, which focuses on experiential learning through theory and fun, practical activities.

Our teambuilding approach aims to:

  • Break up a conference day
  • Add experience from outside your business/ industry
  • Set tempo and mood; energise and motivate
  • Embed teamwork as a mindset for employees
  • Instil a supportive culture within teams
  • Create a healthy working environment that encourages employee engagement
  • Create a performance-driven culture that recognises innovation, competency and teamwork
  • Develop a leadership that embraces a coaching culture and empowers teams
  • Equip leaders with the skills to engage teams
  • Create a collaborative culture in cross-functional teams
Change initiatives 

Changes in an organisation can be difficult for employees, who may react with feelings of confusion, tension, fear, anger, anxiety, apathy, despair, depression or helplessness.

The Human Resource Practice can address these negative reactions using mindset methodology. Using focus sessions or other change initiatives, we help employees to see change as a potential opportunity. Our mindset material allows employees to recognise the empowering aspects of change and to realise that the meaning of change – positive or negative – is a choice they can make.

Further applications

We can assist your organisation with the following applications for mindset change:

  • System implementation
  • Values alignment
  • Leadership development
  • Doing more with less
  • Culture change
  • Behaviour change
  • Conferences
  • Inspirational interventions

What we offer

We’ve designed our unique mindset programmes using our wealth of experience and the motto, ‘Add value, have fun, take action’. Our offering is flexible – we can deliver to small or big groups, whether it is a 45-minute keynote addresses or sessions that last several days or over a longer timeframe. 

In South Africa, we are an accredited training provider with the Services Seta and our programmes are accredited to unit standards.



Keynote Addresses
Mindset Change Programme Outlines

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