Learning & Coaching

The Human Resource Practice offers a range of training options that encourage both individual and organisational growth. Our customised interventions, ranging from short sessions to more complex development programmes, include learner support across a variety of media. We also offer a variety of measurement tools, which can be customised according to client requirements.

In South Africa, we are an accredited training provider with the Services Seta and LG Seta. We have numerous courses that are accredited to relevant unit standards. We also work to maintain quality in accordance with the requirements of Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA), and we are compliant with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Learning Services 

We approach learning by addressing both the ‘inner game’ and the ‘outer game’ of every learner. The inner game – which focuses on mindset, language, attitudes and behaviours – develops understanding of personal motivations, beliefs and goals; whereas the outer game develops specific skills for a particular role. By combining the right mix of inner and outer game, The Human Resource Practice can ensure that your organisation is well placed to deliver exceptional value.

Our unique programmes and multiple blended learning methods are designed to be powerful learning experiences that empower and inspire delegates to access their full potential and achieve sustainable results. 

Activities included as part of our learning methods are


  • Self-study
  • Energised workshops
  • Post-workshop development activities
  • Group work
  • Case studies
  • Role plays
  • Discussion groups
  • One-on-one or group coaching
  • Developmental assessments
  • Involvement of line managers in the learning process
  • Implementation of personal development plans



Coaching Services 

At The Human Resource Practice, we’re passionate about helping businesses to succeed. Our unique coaching services focus on improving leadership effectiveness at all levels, and strengthening team and organisational effectiveness. We specialise in assessing your specific needs and matchmaking you, the client, with the best coach from our extensive database  of trained coaches.



Team coaching 

The performance of a team is vital in any organisation. The team coach holds the team accountable for results and provides support and feedback. Team coaching through The Human Resource Practice can help your organisation with:

  • Team facilitation
  • Teambuilding
  • Role clarification
  • Action planning and learning

Our keynote sessions focus on the mindsets of individuals and teams. Our coaches work with both small and large audiences, providing motivation to change and equipping delegates with better control over their performance – both on the event day and long into the future.

Executive coaching

In our changing world of work, more and more organisations require leaders and managers who inspire and empower staff, and are able to create meaning and calm in a chaotic environment. Executive coaching is a highly beneficial developmental process, which can add value in these areas:

  • Diversity awareness and support
  • Skills transfer
  • Goal achievement
  • Sound-boarding
  • Project-based support

Measuring ROI

At The Human Resource Practice, we believe that measuring your return on investment (ROI) is essential, particularly for lengthier learning programmes. We work with our clients to design relevant ROI metrics, which are collected and analysed throughout the programme.

We use Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation as the basis for all our ROI metrics:

  • Reaction (how the participants reacted to the programme): We provide summaries of each learning intervention.
  • Learning (the extent to which participants changed attitudes and/or increased knowledge and skills): We measure this using knowledge tests, both before and after the intervention.
  • Behaviour (the extent to which change in behaviour occurred): We measure this during the portfolio of evidence (POE) or post-developmental assessment. The learner’s line manager’s feedback is also useful here.
  • Impact (the extent to which the intervention impacted business performance): During the planning phase, stakeholders agree on the measure of this evaluation. (It can range from line manager’s feedback to improved performance scores, or improved climate/culture survey results).

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What some of our learners are saying

‘I have been to four different trainings this year and this was honestly the best one.’ Xolisa Dom from Airports Company South Africa on Presentation Skills course
‘When I started the training I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to transform as an individual or implement what I was taught. EQ, Business Writing Skills and Coaching were highlights. Now I have managed to unlock my potential – being able to influence my staff and enhance my writing skills.’Thulani Totyi from South African Airways on Supervisory Development Programme
‘As with most of the other courses we are doing, this course should be available to a broader audience, as the material is very useful. Greg is excellent as a facilitator and is able to bring out the best in all his students; it is always a pleasure to have him.’Traci Goldsmith from South African Airways on Leading Teams course
‘Wow, it was such an informative programme. The very next day, I had to chair a meeting and it was so nice to apply everything I had learnt. I used all the skills and methods for conducting a meeting. The leading teams workbook has become my bible I take it everywhere I go.’Andile Sithole from South African Airways on Leading Teams course